Montag, 19. September 2011

Last Year...

One year ago, it all started at the beginning of September. Right now, I'm sitting in my flat and the heating is not working which instantly reminded me of our time in Wolverhamtpon. And I'm having a cup of tea... normally, I don't drink tea and especially not black tea (or -as other people call it- "regular tea for regular people" :). But when it's cold -and it's cold now and it's been cold in our rooms in Wolves once in a while!- even I can enjoy fruit tea. So, maybe you want to follow me on a nice little trip back trough time. Let us all start this brilliant time again and get lost in these sweet, sweet memories, at least for a while...
I think we will never forget what we thought when we first saw our rooms in the student accomodation :)

It was small and empty and those 20 kilos which we brought hardly filled the room. Soon we should find out that there were other things to complain about ;) You can feel sound and safe when the fire alarm is "tested" so often. And you really learn to appreciate the heating in Germany when you have to sit under your planket.
University buildings looked better but I'm pretty sure that it was cold as fuck cause the damn heating was not working at all, never!
The stadium was next to the accomodation and we've been there, standing for 90 minutes and freezing (for heaven's sake, right now it seems as if it was cold all the time ;)
I'm pretty sure that everybody has been to West Park, at least once. Most people might remember that I've been there quite often ^^
And all those trips we did! Our first trip to Birmingham was on September 18...
...Cardiff on October 9...
... Liverpool on October 30...
...Oxford on November 20...
It took me quite a while until I found a picture of ASDA... which has been a highlight we could experience every day :)
We also went to Cadbury's, or Chocolate Heaven as I like to call it!
And of course, there were many cakes... some people might remember that I loved to spend my freetime baking cakes (and I think that all those people were very happy that I did so) :)
On October 26, I and some other people were very lucky because we got the chance to go to Alton Towers (I know, I didn't look very happy in all those horrible roller coasters but it's been one brilliant day!) :)
Birmingham also had a nice German Christmas Market... time to feel at home, folks :)
Speaking of Christmas, we got a nice "Fake Christmas Dinner + Party"! Our leftovers may speak for themselves :)
And I cannot omit it, there's been a hell lot of partying :) It's hard to find a Party pic to upload cause you know that I don't upload pics with people... but this one might be enough for those who were with me and remember all our parties (well, some people might not remember everything but that's also a good memory ;)
And of course, one pic standing for our final party, the ultimate party on January 8, our party to say "Goodbye, Frenchy" :) It's not necessary to give any description, just one thing: it's been massive and kept us talking about it for several days :) So enjoy the "after party pic" for this event :)
These were only a few things to remember but the most important thing cannot be seen in my pictures... Erasmus and going abroad in general might help to improve your language skills and blabla and blabla... but believe me, it's all about the people you meet! They are what makes your stay unforgettable! It's only about the people! The accomodation might be shit, the food might be shit, everything might be shit, but it will be the time of your life becaue of all those nice people you meet!
That's my tribute to all the people out there in the world whom I got to know and who shared these months with me!
A good friend of us found the right words when she left: "When you go to Wolverhampton, you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave."


  1. Wolverhampton experience was the one I'll remember all my life and I'll never forget any sigle moment of it (OK, maybe some very late night moments I will :-D )I learnt a lot about world and a lot about myself. And I'm glad that I met so many amazing people! I miss all of you!

  2. Miss you, too!
    Do you remember, we wanted to come back for the second part of Harry Potter ;)

  3. Ach ja, das kenn ich wenn's gegen Herbst zugeht hab ich immer Fernweh nach Finnland!


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